Belmont Charter Network, formerly under the umbrella of the Community Education Alliance of West Philadelphia, was formed with the belief that schools are more than just classrooms. We believe in a holistic approach to education — one that not only supports the academic, but also the social and emotional success of each student.

Our first school, Belmont Academy Charter School, opened in 1998. Initially offering kindergarten and pre-kindergarten, the school’s mission was—and still is—to improve the quality of life of young learners in West Philadelphia. Now, with Head Start for 3-year-olds, the Belmont Academy experience leads many families to enroll their children in our primary and middle school, Belmont Charter School.

Before Belmont Charter, the neighborhood’s existing school was among the city’s lowest performing. Converting it to a charter school in 2002 brought the success of Belmont Academy’s educational approach to the next level. Today, Belmont Charter accepts all students living in the catchment area for 1st through 8th grade.   We are also proud to accept students city wide, depending on availability.

Opened in 2015, Inquiry Charter School offers a K-5 curriculum focused on environmental science, technology, and the arts. Inquiry’s methods encourage creativity, support problem solving, and produce life-long learners. Enrollment at Inquiry is open to all Philadelphia students. The application period opens each December and culminates in a spring lottery.

Our newest school, Belmont Charter High School, opened in September 2017. The BCHS curriculum focuses on college prep and career readiness, with each student helping to design his or her own Individualized Career Plan. BCHS scholars enjoy quarterly opportunities for hands-on immersive learning across sixteen disparate career pathways. We are proud to have celebrated our first graduating class in 2021. BCHS enrollment is city-wide, with applications accepted through January and a lottery in early spring.

Parent Testimonial

“My children are excited to go to school every day.”

— Lula J.